What is considered as discrimination in the workplace?

The law protects you from discrimination in the workplace.

Do you think you are experiencing workplace discrimination? We can help you on the following grounds;

  • colour
  • race
  • ethnic or national origins
  • sex (including pregnancy or childbirth)
  • marital or family status
  • age
  • disability
  • religious or ethical belief
  • political opinion
  • employment status
  • sexual orientation
  • involvement in union activities, which includes claiming or helping others to claim a benefit under an employment agreement, or taking or intending to take employment relations education leave.

These grounds are the same as the grounds in the Human Rights Act. In some circumstances, different treatment of employees on these grounds is acceptable.

If you believe your employer is discriminating against you on one or more of the prohibited grounds listed above – it is important to seek assistance at an early stage. Our company can provide representation to ensure that your rights are upheld.

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What qualifies as a grievance?

Employees can bring a personal grievance for the following complaints:

  • Unjustifiable dismissal (unless the dismissal took place while the employee was on a valid 90 day trial period)
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Age discrimination
  • Racial harassment
  • Constructive Dismissal or Forced Resignation
  • Bullying where the employee has raised the issue and not received a response or adequate action
  • Restructuring causing redundancy without correct process
  • Disadvantage to an employee due to the employment agreement not meeting legal requirements for:
    • agreed hours of work
    • availability provisions
    • reasonable notice periods to be given before cancellation of a shift
    • reasonable compensation to be paid if a shift is cancelled
    • secondary employment provisions.
  • Unfair treatment of an employee who has lawfully refused work
  • Where an employer forces or persuades an employee not to perform a function, exercise a power or undertake a role under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
  • Where an employer compels a shop employee to work on Easter Sunday or treats a shop employee adversely because they refuse to work on Easter Sunday.
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