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Employment Law Advocate

No matter who you are, where you work, what you earn, you deserve expert, caring, proven, experienced representation.

I am accustomed to communicating with people under extreme pressure.

When I represent you, my focus is on your best outcome and you will be advised, consulted and updated through every step of the process.  

We know life isn’t fair, but that doesn’t excuse people abusing power.  If you have been treated unfairly, I will help you.  There is a way through.Andrea Kelleher, Employment Law Advocate

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I’d found myself in an unfair, unwarranted situation, being accused of serious misconduct while off work for personal reasons. Due to the allegation, I was isolated from my peer support network for 5 months and not afforded the opportunity to give my version of events or a clear picture of where I stood.

Things changed when I contacted Andrea Kelleher who went above and beyond in her efforts to ensure mishandled processes and power tipped in the balance of an employer did not cause disadvantage. My situation changed quickly from not being heard to finding a workable resolution.

I cannot express enough gratitude to Andrea for enabling a workable process and being my voice when I was not being heard. The experience taught me I would not use a union to advocate my rights. Andrea empowered me by resolving a situation where I had no chance of progressing forward on my own.

I’m forever grateful for her work.

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