Senior Employment Law Advocate

As your Employment Advocate, through my legal writing, research skills, and effective communication with all parties, I will present your case with the strongest argument possible.  I do this at the same time as protecting your dignity during what can be a challenging and upsetting process.

I will navigate you through your employment issue in a way that ensures you feel heard, understood and supported. Kam Bailey, Employment Law Advocate Work Law Ltd

13+ Years of Experience in Employment Law

Kam has extensive experience as an Employment Advocate: Assisting clients with raising grievances and attending mediation with employees from high executive positions such as CEO’s and General Managers right through to employees who make up the rest of the workforce in a variety of roles ranging from customer service, banking, retail, food and hospitality. She has seen a wide range of clients during her 13+ years of experience as an Advocate for Employees.

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What clients say about Kam

Thank you for being one of the catalysts for positive change


I am deeply grateful for Kam. She helped me through a vulnerable employment situation with a not-so-easy-to-deal-with employer while I was in an incredibly disheveled state. From the moment I first spoke to her over the phone, she put me at ease and reassured me that everything was going to be okay; and right she was. This woman represented me from start to finish, got the desired outcome, and did not waiver once throughout the ordeal no matter how difficult it got.

Kam, I cannot thank you enough for your empathy, expertise, professionalism, and support at a time when my anxiety was sky-high. If you are looking for an exceptional employment lawyer, look no further than Kam Bailey!

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