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If you’re looking for an employment law professional for advice and representation in employment law matters you’ve found us.  Just like employment lawyers, No Win No Fee Employment Advocates, are skilled and dedicated employment law experts. We can support you in unfair dismissal, exit negotiations, personal grievance situations, disciplinary meetings and all employment law matters.  With our knowledge and experience, we strive to ensure fair treatment and justice in the workplace. If you’ve been fired or are experiencing unfair treatment, contact us.


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Employment Law 

Work Law can help with any employment law matters, including:

What is No Win No Fee?

No Win No Fee Means that we will only charge a fee if we successfully obtain a financial settlement for you in addition to other terms of the settlement. Not all cases qualify for No Win No Fee.

When our Employment Advocates assist with disciplinary and other meetings that achieve a non-financial settlement, we charge an agreed hourly rate.


What our clients say

Thank you Kam


I want to acknowledge Kam’s excellent help throughout the whole process from start to finish. Upon recommendation I called Kam and am so glad I did. She listened and immediately took over and I felt a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders and felt at ease. Keeping my reputation in tact meant a lot and I have Kam to thank for it. Kam’s expert guidance, knowledge, understanding, caring and determination was exceptional. She successfully managed to turn my case right around with a successful outcome more than I expected. Thank you Kam for accepting my case, for your patience and that it matters. I highly recommend Kam and Work Law for any employment issues.


May is a professional, deligent and problem-solving employment lawyer


I was looking for a employment related professional lawyer via website then I decided to choose Work and Law after communicating with a lawyer May Moncur. She’s a professional, deligent and problem-solving lawyer with a good communication. She concerns about customer’s requests and offers a possible maximum of benefit for the customer too. All works and case disscusion did on a remote way that saved the time and also have not influenced on output the good outcome.

Chen W.


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