When an employment relationship has broken down, an exit package is often used to end the employment contract. They can be initiated by either the employer or the employee.

Exit Packages are attractive to both employer and employee.

Exit Packages allow the employer to bring the employment relationship to an end quickly, easily and without a lot of delay and expense.

There are many reasons for an employee to need to leave a job. Sometimes it’s the arrival of a new CEO who wants to place their ‘own people’ in pivotal roles. Suddenly responsibilities change, new middle managers appear, and employees find themselves doing the same job but with less status. Alternatively, an employer may genuinely need to restructure a business, resulting in redundancies, or the business may be in trouble and the employee is able to see the writing on the wall.

Sometimes you can tell you are no longer wanted or needed through no fault of your own. An Exit Package is a much more attractive option than simply resigning.

Whatever the reason it’s always best to make a dignified exit.

Many problematic employment relationships do not end by dismissal or resignation, but through the negotiation of an Exit Package.

The perception comes from dissatisfaction in the workplace for the employee, performance issues for the employer and most often when a disciplinary meeting takes place. An exit package is attractive to both parties when the employment relationship has no real future.  

Typically, such a package will contain some financial benefit for the employee and possibly a reference. The employer can have the assurance that any grievances or claims arising out of the employment relationship (existing or yet to be raised) are at an end.

Our advocates can recognise the opportunity for an exit package and negotiate the best possible package in the circumstances. It is always best to engage our advocates at an early stage so that this strategy can be considered and prepared together, making for the best outcome.

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What is an exit package?

An exit package is when both the employer and employee come to a mutual agreement for the employment agreement to come to an end quickly and without a lot of delay or expense.

Typically, an exit package will contain some type of financial benefit for the employee, sometimes including a reference.

We can assist with ensuring the process is dealt with on a professional level and the agreed terms will be recorded in a record of settlement.

What does an exit package cost?

The cost of an exit package will depend on the length of time it takes to reach the final decision between employee and employer.

We can usually get your fees paid for by the employer, this is part of the negotiation process.

From Our Clients

Thousands of employees and employers have trusted us us to help with their employment issues, here are reviews from a handful of them.

Wilfully errant Employers had better take heed!

Rated 4.0 out of 5

This review is being made with a much lighter heart, after months of pursuing my own sole hikoi to get a fair and equitable outcome in what was, a thoroughly avoidable circumstance.

I phoned and spoke with Jenifer Silva, who became my advocate for the journey. I found her advice to be professional, timely, unambiguous and her manner empathetic and supportive…. sound rationale and emotional balance in delivery are key for me.

My sole regret in this, being that I did not take the advocacy path earlier and save myself the elevated stress levels.

In my plus 50 years of employment, I had not used this service type, but now, would strongly recommend this same advocacy path, through this same company and believe that if Jenifer is the benchmark for this Company’s competence in Employment law Advocacy ……then wilfully errant Employers had better take heed!!!

Thank you, Jenifer…optimistic dragon slaying in a gang of one could indeed become a lonely exercise without reinforcements..

Paula B.

Sandy's knowledge and patience turned the tide

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I am grateful for Sandy’s invaluable expertise and unbiased support during a very difficult time. Her knowledge and patience provided me with the clarity I needed to conclude and move forward.

Richard L.

A mihi to you for your mahi

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Kia Ora Kam

First and foremost this message is a mihi to you for your mahi since we have engaged.

You have not only provided me with a positive financial outcome and restoration of mental peace but you have allowed me some more time with my baby comfortably and for that I am grateful.

Having you as a representative eliminated any anxieties I had about how I was to manage this situation, you validated that not only were my feelings real, you showed me that hurt and humiliation with the right support and persistence could be compensated verbally, emotionally and even financially, although I never approached thinking finances were going to be a contributing factor in the resolution I am appreciative.

So once again thank you.

N. Prime



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