We are Employment Advocates:

We practice Employment Law;

Just like Employment Lawyers, our Employment Advocates are experts who specialise in NZ Employment Law.

Learn about the roles of employment advocates and employment lawyers in protecting your rights as an employee. Discover the differences between these professionals and how they can help you.

Employment Advocates

Employment Advocates

An Employment Advocate is an Employment Law specialist

Our Employment Advocates are either qualified legal professionals or human resources experts.   We strive to be the best Employment Advocates in NZ by holding ourselves to the highest standards possible.

We specialise in all employment law matters, including:
unfair dismissals, exit negotiations, personal grievance situations, disciplinary meetings, and providing employment law advice.

Our experienced team of employment advocates is here to support you every step of the way. 

What is an Employment Advocate?

The difference between an employment advocate and an employment lawyer is that employment advocates can provide legal services on a No Win No Fee basis.

An employment advocate performs the same services as an employment lawyer.   We can defend you in your workplace and all the way to the employment court if necessary.  Our Employment Advocates either hold law degrees or HR qualifications.

Our team of Employment Advocates are ALL specialists in Employment Law, which means we are fully equipped to help with any Employment Relationship Problem you are facing.

Why do we choose to be employment advocates?

Ask anyone on our team why they choose to be an employment advocate and they’ll tell you they love to help people.

We also enjoy the puzzle of working out all the facts and putting them back together in a logical and legal manner and standing up for the rights of people who are unable to stand up for themselves.

But Most Of All:  We get great satisfaction from turning around a client’s situation from being desperate, quite often in tears and unwell from stress to coming out the other end of it satisfied that they got a fair deal, able to move on with their life and work and put it all behind them. You can read about the relief our clients feel in their reviews.

Who We Work For

We believe that everyone deserves access to justice.  This means if you can’t afford an employment lawyer but need support with a workplace issue we will do our best to help you.  On your behalf our employment advocates negotiate with employers and employment lawyers to resolve complex employment law issues fairly.

We are a No Win No Fee organisation*

This means that we will only charge a fee if we are successful in obtaining a financial settlement for you in addition to other terms of the settlement, e.g. written apology and reference.

But sometimes we charge an hourly rate:

*Where we assist with disciplinary and other meetings that achieve a non-financial settlement, such as job reinstatement, we charge an agreed hourly rate.  We will inform you before we start work if your work will be on a No Win No Fee basis or hourly rate.

How does it work?

Call Work Law for help with your employment law problem

When You Contact Us We will:

  • Assess your situation over the phone for free.
  • Help you make a decision about pursuing the matter with your employer (or former employer).
  • Refer you to someone who can help you. Either someone in our team will take your case and you will be put in touch with your employment advocate within 24 hours, or we may occasionally ask you to speak to your employer again or refer you to another service if we are not the right people to help.

Don’t Hesitate to speak to an employment lawyer or employment advocate

You have 90 days from the date your unfair dismissal or employment problem occurred (or the date you became aware of the employment problem) to lodge a personal grievance.

Free phone or email consultation

We stress the importance of consulting an employment advocate as soon as possible to allow sufficient preparation time to raise the personal grievance on your behalf. Contact us via our contact form, complete all your details and our consultant will assign your case to a qualified employment advocate.

We can advise on recent developments in the Employment Relations Act, including the 90 day trial period rules.

Our Employment Advocates have the solution to your employment issues. Call us on 0800 NO WIN NO FEE or email us using the contact form below:



What our clients are saying

Thank you Kam


I want to acknowledge Kam’s excellent help throughout the whole process from start to finish. Upon recommendation I called Kam and am so glad I did. She listened and immediately took over and I felt a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders and felt at ease. Keeping my reputation in tact meant a lot and I have Kam to thank for it. Kam’s expert guidance, knowledge, understanding, caring and determination was exceptional. She successfully managed to turn my case right around with a successful outcome more than I expected. Thank you Kam for accepting my case, for your patience and that it matters. I highly recommend Kam and Work Law for any employment issues.


May is a professional, deligent and problem-solving employment lawyer


I was looking for a employment related professional lawyer via website then I decided to choose Work and Law after communicating with a lawyer May Moncur. She’s a professional, deligent and problem-solving lawyer with a good communication. She concerns about customer’s requests and offers a possible maximum of benefit for the customer too. All works and case disscusion did on a remote way that saved the time and also have not influenced on output the good outcome.

Chen W.


Statistics prove that legal representation improves your chance of a successful outcome. Don’t hesitate, you have nothing to lose by having a free chat with one of our experts.

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