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No Win No Fee

In New Zealand, employment lawyers don’t usually offer No Win No Fee” services.  Under the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006 Conditional fee agreements are not permitted to make provisions for a contingency fee based on a fixed percentage.  Employment advocates offer “No WinNo Fee” services, providing access to justice for NZ Employees who cannot afford hourly rate representation by an Employment Lawyer.   

Do Employment Lawyers ever offer No Win No Fee?

If an employment lawyer, holding a current Practicing Certificate offers a No Win No Fee arrangement, it will likely be because they have evaluated the potential success of your case and quoted for the service at their hourly rate. The fees as quoted would be payable at settlement.  If the Lawyer doesn’t manage to settle your case for more than the quoted fees, you could potentially come away with nothing.

An Employment Advocate may have a Law Degree, but not be allowed to call themselves an Employment Lawyer.

At Work Law Ltd, we attempt to recover your legal fees from your Employer.  When we are able to recover our fees from your employer we don’t need to take a percentage of your settlement, however, when we do take a percentage, on cases up to and including mediation, it is never more than one-third of your settlement.

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I want to acknowledge Kam’s excellent help throughout the whole process from start to finish. Upon recommendation I called Kam and am so glad I did. She listened and immediately took over and I felt a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders and felt at ease. Keeping my reputation in tact meant a lot and I have Kam to thank for it. Kam’s expert guidance, knowledge, understanding, caring and determination was exceptional. She successfully managed to turn my case right around with a successful outcome more than I expected. Thank you Kam for accepting my case, for your patience and that it matters. I highly recommend Kam and Work Law for any employment issues.


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I was looking for a employment related professional lawyer via website then I decided to choose Work and Law after communicating with a lawyer May Moncur. She’s a professional, deligent and problem-solving lawyer with a good communication. She concerns about customer’s requests and offers a possible maximum of benefit for the customer too. All works and case disscusion did on a remote way that saved the time and also have not influenced on output the good outcome.

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